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Minutes 23rd November

MONDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2020 AT 7:30pm
Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

Present:  Cllr M Falder (Chairman), Cllr Toone, Cllr Meyrick, Cllr G Corner, Cllr S Betteridge-Sorby, Cllr K Kemp (from 7:35pm)

In Attendance: Mrs J Storer – Clerk, Cllr Haines, Cllr Chilton,

20/720 Apologies
Apologies were accepted from Cllr Bridges (illness) and Cllr Churchill (illness).  As a quorum was established, the Chairman commenced and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

20/721 Variation of Order of Business
There was no alteration to the variation of the order of business.

20/722 Declaration of Interests:
Cllrs considered their obligations relating to declaration of interests; no declarations were received.

20/723 Public Speaking

a) Members of the Public and Council to comment on any matter
No matters were raised.

b) County Council and District Council members to raise any relevant matter
Cllr Haines thanked Cllr Falder for laying the wreath on behalf of SDDC on Remembrance Sunday.  The calendar for the bin collections for 2020/21 have been circulated and Cllr Haines will attend the Christmas waste meeting tomorrow and feedback any updates. Recycling remains very heavy and this has affected the green bin collections.
The Shades Farm planning application DMPA/2020/0933 was approved by SDDC Planning Committee with a number of conditions, these were listed to the meeting; building has commenced. The other applications at Shades Farm are submitted under permitted development.  Any concerns about the decisions can discuss these with Cllr Haines.
Cllrs Haines and Churchill have spoken with residents relating to the planning application DMPA/2020/0944 at 252 Bretby Lane and assured residents that despite Covid 19, the planning process remains rigour. The Planning Officer is awaiting information from the Highways Dept.
There was a major flytipping incident on Watery Lane two weeks ago.  The Clean Team was contacted and cleared the site very quickly.  Minor littering and fly tipping continue to be reported to the Clean Team who will follow up any information reported to them.  Flytipping is a problem across the district; particularly badly affected are those areas close to the Derby boarder.

Cllr Chilton reported on personnel changes within the Highways Dept. The number of children now in care specifically related to domestic abuse during Covid has risen.
The Vision Derbyshire suggestion was explained.
Cllr Chilton reported that she has received nothing back from DCC nor Cadent regarding members of the public concerns regarding Cadent quality and inconsiderate workmanship.  One member of the public is considering seeking assistance of the Ombudsman following the lack of response to his concerns.  Questions were raised about how Cadent continues to be failed to be held to account for their allegedly poor workmanship; Cllr Chilton will raise this matter with the new Highways Manager.

The public health roll out of the Covid vaccine has been advised that the Rosliston Forestry Centre is likely to be the vaccine centre for this area, however from a public transport perspective it is a difficult site to access with the buses being periodical and having the result of many people waiting at the vaccine centre for a number of hours.  Cllr Chilton will raise these concerns and feedback any comments via the Clerk.

c) Parish Council Members declaring an interest other than Disclosable Pecuniary Interest wishing to make representation
No representations were made.

20/724   To confirm the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 14th September 2020
These were circulated, read, approved and signed as a correct record by Cllr Falder.

20/725 To determine which items if any, should be taken with the public excluded.
No items were deemed necessary to be taken with the public excluded.

20/726 To receive the Chairman’s Announcements
A very small Covid safe laying of the Remembrance Wreath took place on Remembrance Sunday by the Chairman.  The WI wrapped poppies around the oak of the war memorial, however some of the lead flashing is missing from the memorial.  Repairs are to take effect and the Clerk will liaise with Cllr Chilton about possible funding for the repairs.

20/727 To receive the Report of the Clerk
The Clerk’s report as previously circulated was accepted with no further comments. 

20/728 Governance
a)   Risk Register update
There are no recommended changes to the risk register.
RESOLVED to make no changes to the risk register.

b)  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
The Clerk reported that there is no further information, no actions were recommended and there were no incidents to report.

c)   To consider information about the former Bretby Castle and how to display the information – Min 19/599
As per Min 20/711c) no further action will be taken on this matter, this was included on the agenda in error.

d) Communication Strategy
The Clerk circulated an email on 5/10/20 about how the Council can communicate to its stakeholders, the recommendation is for a communications strategy to be drafted and to consider means of communication as per Cllr Kemp’s earlier suggestion.  A Facebook page has been set up and regular relevant updates are required to encourage people to be involved.  When the Facebook page was set up the Nurseries were invited to participate but they did not become involved, they will be asked if they now wish to contribute, a request will also be extended to the businesses at the Bretby Business Centre.  Promotion between the Facebook page and website will occur.  When Bretby in Bloom takes place, the Nurseries will be approached to assist.  The communication strategy and Bretby in Bloom will be considered in detail in the new year.

A lot of momentum for running organisations and events in the community has been lost with the pandemic and concerns were expressed that this momentum will not return, it is therefore necessary to communicate with the community to encourage others to carry on the community events and activities.

20/729 Drainage issues
No matters were raised.

20/730 Correspondence

  1. DALC – Various circulars and information about Covid19
  2. DALC – advice in relation to covid related HR
  3. ONS – Notification and handbook for the 2021 consensus (this will be on 21st March 2021)
  4. DCC Director of Public Health – urging compliance with Covid Regulations
  5. Clerks & Councils Direct – November 2020 edition

All Cllrs have been circulated with the information prior to the meeting.

The WI and the Church are looking at fund raising at Christmas for local food banks as there appears to be a big demand. Swadlincote CVS has broadened their food bank to a winter one due to a huge demand.  Cllrs were requested to raise awareness for donations to the food banks.

20/731 Finance

BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (Oct)£36.60
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (Oct)£44.39
Accounts passed for payment

For approval

BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (Nov)£36.60
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (Nov)£44.39
BACSStaffing – November£136.00
BACSRoyal Mail – PO Box Number renewal£88.13
BACSMrs J Storer – use of home (Oct – Dec 20)£81.00
BACSMrs J Storer – expenses£carried forward to next meeting
RBLDonation for Remembrance Wreath£50.00

Money Received

Interest Oct£0.02
Interest Sept£0.03

Balance at bank 16.10.20

Deposit account£3011.02
Current account£4573.18

b) Requests for funding via S137

No requests for funding have been received.

c) To receive the actual to budget report for the period ending 31st October 2020 and to consider the first draft of the budget for 2021/22
RESOLVED to accept the actual to budget report for the period ending 31.10.20, no questions were raised.
The Clerk had circulated with the meeting papers, the draft budget and precept for the financial year 2021/22.  The Clerk will amend the budget for discussion at the January meeting.

20/732 To consider Planning Applications
DMPA/2020/0933: Retention of a plant room on Land at SK2923 5475 (Knights Lodges), Knights Lane, Bretby, Derbyshire, DE15 0RT (23/10/20)
This has already been passed.

DMOT/2020/1047: The removal of deadwood and reducing rear scaffold limb of horse chestnut at The Stables, 1 Bretby Mews, Unnamed Road through Bretby Park, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RB  (11/11/20)

DMOT/2020/1047: The removal of deadwood and reducing rear scaffold limb of horse chestnut at The Stables, 1 Bretby Mews, Unnamed Road through Bretby Park, Bretby, Burton on Trent, DE15 0RB

DMPN/2020/1038: Prior Notification for construction of a machinery store at Shades      Farm, Unnamed Road From Geary Lane To Town Farm, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RD

DMPN/2020/1036: Prior Notification for the erection of a straw barn at Shades Farm, Unnamed Road From Geary Lane To Town Farm, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RD

DMPA/2020/1080: The erection of a two storey circulation/service block extension (revised scheme to that approved under 9/2017/0957 and 9/2018/0730) at Burton On Trent Golf Club, Ashby Road East, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0PS

DMPA/2020/0944- The erection of extensions and garage at 252 Bretby Lane, Bretby, Derbyshire  DE15 0QR

20/733 Consultations
NALC – Changes to Planning and Planning for the Future
NALC – Standards Matter 2: Public Consultation and Public Sector Surveys.
SDDC – Street Trading Policy review (deadline 28th January 2021)

20/734 Items for information only
(a) To receive reports from Meetings attended
Area Forum – 11th November 2020, the Clerk attended the meeting and reported that this was an exploratory meeting seeking if parish councils would welcome the holding of Area Forums and Safer Neighbourhood meetings via TEAMS; the consensus of the meeting held on 11.11.20 was to welcome the return of these meetings.  These will take place in the new year.

(b) Notification of Forthcoming meetings
None known

(c)        Training Sessions – See DALC circulars which have been provided to all Cllrs

Training is being provided remotely via Zoom.

30th September 2020Managing Staff AppraisalsClerk
1st October 2020Effective communication and Engagement for Town and Parish Councils in Post Covid 19 eraClerk
1st October 2020Tutorial on HTML for website accessibility  Clerk
2nd November 2020Planning – DALCClerk

20/735 Date of next meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on MONDAY 25th JANUARY 2021 at 7.30pm; this will be a remote meeting unless there are significant changes to regulations.

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, wished everyone to be well and safe and closed the meeting at 8:38pm.