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Minutes 14th March 2022


MONDAY 14th MARCH 2022 AT 7:30pm

Present:  Cllr M Falder (Chairman), Cllr M Bridges, Cllr L Meyrick, Cllr S Toone.

In Attendance: Mrs J Storer – Clerk, Cllr Haines (to 7:53 pm),

21/853 Apologies
Apologies were accepted from Cllr Kemp (personal), Cllr Muller, Cllr S Betteridge-Sorby (personal), Cllr G Corner (personal), Cllr A Churchill.
As a quorum was established, the Chair commenced the meeting.

21/854 Variation of Order of Business
There was no alteration to the variation of the order of business.

21/855 Declaration of Interests:
Cllrs considered their obligations relating to declaration of interests and no declarations were made.

21/855 Public Speaking

a) Members of the Public and Council to comment on any matter
No matters were raised.

b) County Council and District Council members to raise any relevant matter

Cllr Muller had previously sent a report which had been circulated to Cllrs as follows:-

The Council Tax has been fixed at 3% for the following year. This includes 1% for Adult care.
Highways issues. I think everything has been logged.
The increase in the Highways budget has been welcomed with various road repairs being planned. I have a record of resurfacing to be done on both sides of the Green in Bretby .No time given.
Freeport.  Last month the East Midlands Freeport secured formal Government approval for its plans to offer businesses locating in the Freeport special incentives. The Freeport is set to deliver over 61,000 jobs for the East Midlands and an extra £8.4bn for the local economy over the next 30 years.
I have been informed that the Police Commissioner would like to visit our area to discuss various matters including speeding and ASB. I will report back on how and where we do this.
Friday 11th March, I was told a trial to promote the use of Speed Indicator Device signs (SIDs) will launch soon. The Clerk will receive information direct from Matlock.

Cllr Haines reported that a new water bottling plant is permitted in Foston, this will supply all the Lidl stores in the country.

The latest Local Plan has commenced and Cllr Haines will regularly keep the parish council up to date with relevant information.

Difficulties with the planning dept were aired by parish cllrs; Cllr Haines informed that there is a backlog of 700 planning applications and some agencies have offered to assist however this option is very expensive and recruitment remains the preferred option of SDDC.  A plan to resolve the situation is being considered at SDDC next month. The frustrations of these delays and the possible implications arising from the delays were voiced at the meeting.

Cllr Haines was asked if the District Council’s budget will be revised in light of the economy.  She informed that there are some reserves that can SDDC can use.  The reserves are not unlimited but the Council officers have in the past been both prudent in their management of funds and risk adverse, meaning that the District Council is in a relatively good position at this time.  The global situation regarding the economy and the potential of war will be continually monitored.

Easter holiday school food provision has been approved following the success of the summer school holiday provision.

A new tree policy has been adopted and works have been identified across the district on public grounds to trees.  This is accepted to be a large project.

Levelling up – this is co-ordinated by DCC and information may be available soon, SDDC has not been involved in it so far.

Freeport, there is little information from SDDC and any updates will be provided to the Clerk. A request was made for improved infrastructure.

It is thought that the new Government scheme for Ukrainian refugees will be co-ordinated by DCC.

7.53pm Cllr Haines left the meeting.

c) Parish Council Members declaring an interest other than Disclosable Pecuniary Interest wishing to make representation
No representations were made.

21/856 To approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 24th January 2022
These were circulated, read, approved and signed as a correct record by Cllr Falder.

21/857 To determine which items if any, should be taken with the public excluded.
No items were deemed necessary to be taken with the public excluded other than that listed on the agenda.

21/858 To receive the Chairman’s Announcements
The Chairman has liaised with a local contractor about the replacement of the old noticeboard on the Village Green.
The Chairman expressed his support and thanks for Cllr Kemp’s efforts to organise a Jubilee event, noting that support for her and the event has been extremely limited.

21/859 To receive the Report of the Clerk
The Clerk’s report as previously circulated was accepted with no further comments. 

21/860 Governance

a)   Risk Register update
There are no recommended changes to the risk register.
RESOLVED to make no changes to the risk register.

b)  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
No changes are recommended and there are no reports of any breaches.  Recently there have been reports locally of GDPR breaches and in light of this, the Clerk requested Cllrs to exercise caution with data that comes into their possession.

c) Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct has been updated and the new Code of Conduct is attached with the meeting papers.  The recommendation is for the new Code of Conduct to be adopted at the May 2022 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

d)   Communication Strategy
The matter was deferred.

21/861 Drainage issues
No matters were raised.

21/862 Correspondence

  1. DALC – Various circulars and information
  2. Derbyshire Police – Quarterly report
  3. East Midlands Airport – Materiality /Trust Survey

All Cllrs have been circulated with the information prior to the meeting.

21/863 Finance

Accounts passed for payment

BACSStaffing – February£136.20
BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (March)£36.40
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (March)£44.39
Mrs J StorerExpenses (Dec’21 to date of meeting)£77.25
Mrs J StorerClerk use of home£81.00
For approval

Money Received

Gross interest (Feb’ 22)£0.02
Community Grant£1,000.00

Balance at bank 07.03.22

Deposit account£3,011.39
Current account£4,820.16*

*This balance includes £1,000 grant from Cllr Muller – this will be ringfenced for the purchase of a noticeboard.

b)  Requests for funding via S137
No requests for funding have been received.

21/864 To consider Planning Applications

DMPA/2022/0106: The erection of a double storey rear extension (Basement & Ground Floor) at 23 Bretby Lane, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0QN (10/02/22)
Request for extension made 7th February 2022 and received to allow Council to consider the application at the March Parish Council meeting
RESOLVED to make the comments.
The extension will about double the size of the existing property. And will impact upon neighbours right to light and privacy.  The parish council is concerned about the limitation to light due to the size and height of the extension wall.  The proposed extension is particularly intrusive to the neighbours.  There are also issues about ground support and stability – the patio will be 8’ higher than the neighbours, is there proper engineering in place to support the raising of the ground and to prevent land slippage. 

DMPA/2022/0103: The variation of condition no. 2 (relating to approved plans) of permission ref. DMPA/2021/1210 (The demolition of existing building and the erection of a replacement dwelling and realignment of access track for farm vehicles) at Shades Farm, Unnamed Road From Geary Lane To Town Farm, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RD (18/02/22)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPA/2022/0105: Demolition of existing garage and rear extension, single storey side and rear extension at 17 Bretby Lane, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0QN (25/02/22)

DMPA/2022/0175: The erection of a single-storey rear extension at 27 Ashby Road East, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0PS (07/03/22)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPA/2021/1890: Erection of new building for use as warehouse (use class B8) and offices (use class E) including access, associated hardstanding, and landscaping at Bretby Business Park, Ashby Road East, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0YZ (25/03/22)
RESOLVED: Concerns were raised about the stability of the ground as the proposed development is on the form Nadine pit. The Business Park is a busy site and concerns were expressed about the increase in vehicle movements  that will be using the access to and from the site.

DMOT/2022/0245: The pruning of a oak tree covered by South Derbyshire District Council Tree Preservation Order no. 18 at 11 Park Row, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RL (16/03/22)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPA/2021/1196: The erection of leisure building with associated access, parking and landscaping on Land at Knights Lane, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RT (14/03/22)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPA/2021/1209: Retrospective application for the erection of 8 holiday lodge buildings (application DMPA/2019/1305 relates) on Land at Knights Lane, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RT (14/03/22)
RESOLVED: No objections

21/865 Consultations
None received.

21/866 Items for information only

(a)  To receive reports from Meetings attended

A resident has asked for permission to use the Green to host an event selling items for the Friends of Newton Solney School.  Permission was granted.

(b) Notification of Forthcoming meetings
None known.

(c)  Training Sessions – See DALC circulars which have been provided to all Cllrs
Training from DALC continues to be provided remotely via Zoom.
The Clerk attended training on Operation London Bridge and on year end procedures and provided a report.

The following resolution was passed – “That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted (in respect of the personal situation of an employee) it is advisable in the public interest, that the press and public be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to withdraw.”

  • Clerk’s payrise back dated to April 2021
    RESOLVED to agree the NALC recommendation of 1.75% pay award back dated to 1st April 2021.

21/867 Date of next meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on at TUESDAY 17th MAY 2022 at 7.00pm at St Wystan’s Church, Bretby.  The Annual Meeting of the Parish and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on this date prior to the Ordinary meeting

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8:23pm.