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Minutes 24th January 2022

MONDAY 24th JANUARY 2022 AT 7:30pm

Present:  Cllr S Toone (Chairman), Cllr M Bridges, Cllr S Betteridge-Sorby, Cllr K Kemp, Cllr L Meyrick.

 In Attendance: Mrs J Storer – Clerk, Cllr Haines (to 7:58pm), Cllr Muller (to 7.52pm), Cllr Churchill (to 7:58pm).

21/837 Apologies
Apologies were accepted from Cllr Falder (personal).  
As a quorum was established, the Chair commenced the meeting.

21/838 Variation of Order of Business
There was no alteration to the variation of the order of business.

21/839 Declaration of Interests:
Cllrs considered their obligations relating to declaration of interests and no declarations were made at this point of the meeting.

21/840 Public Speaking

a) Members of the Public and Council to comment on any matter
No matters were raised.

b) County Council and District Council members to raise any relevant matter

Cllr Muller apologised for the administrative delay in processing the parish council’s funding application for a new noticeboard, this has been remedied and funds should be with the parish council shortly. Funds are also available to assist towards any organised jubilee celebrations.

Operation London Bridge – DCC policy is being revisited and Cllr Muller informed that when information is available, this will be passed to the parish council.

Cllr Muller reported on his attendance at today’s budget meeting at DCC and informed that the highway budget will be tripled in an effort to tackle the numerous highway matters within the county.

Cllr Toone mentioned that several road signs within the parish are either leaning or missing; he has reported these and Cllr Muller agreed to follow up the reported matters; the Clerk will provide the reference numbers.

Cllr Churchill reported that staffing remains a problem at SDDC largely due to Covid and shortage of  HGV drivers, despite this the refuse bins are still being emptied. There are several planning vacancies which have been advertised and in the interim, some temporary staff have been brought into the planning dept.

SDDC’s bid made for SDDC zero emission vehicles has found support with the Council however, this will be a phased project with rural areas following after the urban areas.

Cllr Haines reported that reports of fly tipping are at the lowest level for 5 years.

Foremark Reservoir temporary fencing has been taken down and permanent fencing is being placed strategically.

There is a consultation about the Area Forum and all were urged to participate.

Cllr Toone and Cllr Betteridge-Sorby declared personal interests relating to ongoing problems with a particular site on Bretby Lane where alterations to the building have been taking place for over 18 months. Concerns were raised about parking of contractors vehicles, about safety of the site and general inconsideration of the contractors to residents.

Cllr Toone raised a query relating to the refusal of a particular planning application on Bretby Lane, the grounds for refusal were difficult to understand; particularly as the planning decision lacked consistency to previously granted permissions for similar extensions, including the those to the adjoining property.  District and County Cllrs reminded that planning decisions can be appealed and if residents are concerned about the quality of work being undertaken at any site, these can be raised with the Enforcement Officer. Problems relating to vehicles parking on pavements should be reported to the police.

7.52pm Cllr Muller left the meeting.

c) Parish Council Members declaring an interest other than Disclosable Pecuniary Interest wishing to make representation
No representations were made.

21/841 To approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 22nd November 2021
These were circulated, read, approved and signed as a correct record by Cllr Toone.

21/842 To determine which items if any, should be taken with the public excluded.
No items were deemed necessary to be taken with the public excluded.

21/843 To receive the Chairman’s Announcements
None were raised

21/844 To receive the Report of the Clerk
The Clerk’s report as previously circulated was accepted with no further comments. 

21/845 Governance

a) Risk Register update
There are no recommended changes to the risk register, all should remain mindful of the changing Covid situation.
RESOLVED to make no changes to the risk register.

b)  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
The Clerk reported that there is no further information, no actions were recommended and there were no incidents to report.

c)   Communication Strategy
The matter was deferred.

21/846 Drainage issues
No matters were raised.

21/847 Correspondence

  1. DALC – Various circulars and information
  2. DALC – email on 9th December 2021 regarding Covid Plan B
  3. Bretby Hall – request for the newly installed bin to be changed for a larger capacity bin
    (circulated to Cllrs 15th December 2021).
  4. NALC – information about the petition for hybrid parish council meetings (circulated to Cllrs on 6th January 2022)
  5. SDDC – Invite to the Parish Council Chair to the SDDC Civic Service on 10th April 2022
  6. Clerks and Councils Direct
  7. SDDC – Invite for Cllrs to participate in the Carbon Literacy Training throughout January
    (circulated to Cllrs 10th December 2021)
  8. SDDC – Proposed changes to S Derbyshire’s Local Council Tax Reduction scheme for working aged people (deadline 14th January 2022)
  9. SDDC – Area Forum consultation (deadline 4th January 2022, extended to 11th January 2022) 
    Emailed to Cllrs on 23rd December 2021
    The Clerk has made representations about sending a consultation out over the holidays with a deadline from 23rd December to 4th January.

All Cllrs have been circulated with the information prior to the meeting.

7:58pm Cllrs Haines and Churchill left the meeting.

21/848 Finance

BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (Jan)£36.60
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (Jan)£44.39
BACSStaffing – Jan£136.20
Accounts passed for payment

BACSStaffing – November£136.20
BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (Feb)£36.40
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (Feb)£44.39
Mrs J StorerExpenses (Dec’21 onwards)deferred to next meeting
Krystal HostingWebsite hosting (05/02/22-04/03/23)£9.59
For approval


Money Received

Gross interest (Dec)£0.02
Gross interest (Jan ’22)£0.03

Balance at bank 12.01.22

Deposit account£3,011.37
Current account£4,263.73

b)         Requests for funding via S137
No requests for funding have been received.

c)         To consider the draft budget for 2022/23
The draft budget had been previously circulated to all Cllrs.  Cllrs considered the financial requirements of the parish council and the need to maintain appropriate levels of reserves as identified by the external auditors.  Cllrs debated at the length the priority of its expenditure and the financial impact upon residents of any increase the parish council may impose when taken in conjunction with rises from the other precepting authorities.
RESOLVED to set the precept for 2022/23 at £4,024.00.
The precept is to be increased by 10%, this represents an annual council tax bill of £9.72 for a Band D property. This increase is necessary to balance the budget, to prevent the depletion of the reserves and to take into account the impact of rising inflation.

The parish council has attempted to set up a group to organise activities and events but due to little or no support or interest from the community for any Jubilee celebrations, nor to assist with the organisation.  With the limited committed engagement of the community, the Jubilee activities will be limited. To fund these limited activities, the working party is to use the surplus funds from previous community events (£1400). There is no intention to come to the parish council for funding towards the celebrations; future approaches may be made to Cllr Muller for funding.  Cllr Kemp explained some of the possible Jubilee events including a beacon, a walk and a picnic.

21/849 To consider Planning Applications
DMPA/2021/1696: Change of use from barn to dwelling at The Sett, Bretby Park Bretby Burton-Upon-Trent (09/12/21)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPA/2021/1697: Change of use from gardener’s office to holiday let. The Sett, Bretby Park, Bretby Park, Bretby, Burton-Upon-Trent , Bretby , Burton-Upon-Trent (09/12/21)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPA/2021/1711: Rebuilding and repair of existing barns and conversion to residential accommodation. Brizlincote Hall Farm, Brizlincote Lane, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0PR (31/12/21)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMPN/2021/1821: The erection of extensions and loft conversion with rear dormer at 68 Bretby Lane, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0QP (31/12/21)
RESOLVED: No objections

DMOT/2022/0046: The pruning of a Lebanon Cedar tree covered by South Derbyshire District Council Tree Preservation Order no. 18 at Park Row, Bretby, Burton-on-Trent, DE15 0RL (07/02/22)
RESOLVED: No objections

21/850 Consultations

Police & Crime Commissioner – Budget Consultation 2022/23 survey (deadline for responses 16th January 2022) – No response

SDDC – Seeking feedback via a questionnaire about the Community Meetings (consultation period 23th December 2021 – 4th January 2022) – Cllrs are to submit their own comments to SDDC.

21/851 Items for information only

(a) To receive reports from Meetings attended
Repton Community Forum – online – 30th November 2021 6pm. – No report was received.

(b) Notification of Forthcoming meetings
None known.

(c) Training Sessions – See DALC circulars which have been provided to all Cllrs
Training from DALC continues to be provided remotely via Zoom.  

21/852 Date of next meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on at MONDAY 14th MARCH 2022 at 7.30pm at St Wystan’s Church, Bretby.  The Church remains the primary venue due to its large size which allows social distancing to continue.

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.23pm.