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Minutes 22nd March

MONDAY 22nd MARCH 2021 AT 7:45pm
Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

Present:  Cllr M Falder (Chairman), Cllr Meyrick, Cllr G Corner, Cllr S Betteridge-Sorby, Cllr Bridges, Cllr Toone

In Attendance: Mrs J Storer – Clerk, Cllr Haines (to 8:23pm), Cllr Chilton (to 8:23pm), Cllr Churchill (to 8:23pm), 1 member of the public.

20/752 Apologies
Apologies were noted from Cllr Kemp (work commitments).  As a quorum was established, the Chairman commenced and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

20/753 Variation of Order of Business
There was no alteration to the variation of the order of business.

20/754 Declaration of Interests:
Cllrs considered their obligations relating to declaration of interests; no declarations were received.

20/755 Public Speaking

a) Members of the Public and Council to comment on any matter
No matters were raised.

b) County Council and District Council members to raise any relevant matter
The Chairman reported that this will be Cllr Chilton’s last attendance at Bretby Parish Council as she is not seeking re-election in May.  He expressed and conveyed his and the Council’s thanks and appreciation for her work for the parish.

Cllr Chilton asked if reported items from the last meeting have been resolved.
The grate cover on Ashby Road East – this remains a problem and is the responsibility of South Staffordshire Water.  Cllr Chilton will follow this matter.
The drain on the Repton/Hartshorne Road – this has been attended to promptly.
The drain on Knights Lane – this has dried up naturally but will potentially be a problem in the future. No officer has been in contact with the Chair despite his details being provided to officers.
Cllr Chilton reported on the changes within the Highways Dept (DCC) and is hopeful that some of the issues can now be resolved quickly.

Again, only those potholes which are reported to DCC are attended to but do not attend to the potholes that are seen but are unreported. A request was made for the repair team to attend to all potholes in the vicinity.
Cadent – no progress has been made and the resident is now almost unable to access his drive.  A team has previously visited and agreed to repair the bad workmanship on an “if and when” basis however there has been a lengthy wait with no action yet taken.  Cllr Chilton will pursue this.
Cllr Toone commented upon the amount of litter on the side of the A38 and commended a team for the work they undertook to clear litter from various sections of the A38.  A similar situation exists on the A50.
A sign has been erected on both sides of Oldicote Lane sign stating it is a private lane and access is only for residents; this sign is confusing as it has the appearance of an official council sign but isn’t.  An acknowledgement was made that the Lane is unadopted, narrow and difficult to turn a vehicle round however the sign is considered to be not only misleading but also officious; there is a public footpath at the end of the lane and therefore access if permitted. A photo of the sign will be forwarded to Cllr Chilton to follow the matter with Traffic Safety Dept and to make enquiries about obtaining a “No Turning” sign.

There is no stop sign or white lines at the junctions of the Nurseries or at Mount Lane, motorists continue to exit the Nurseries and pay little attention to traffic from the right, this has caused some issues.  There was disappointment that the Nurseries have not engaged to inform motorists to use care when exiting the site.

Cllr Churchill reported on the Freeport announcement made in the budget by the Secretary of State about three sites in the east midlands.  One site will be at Toyota with a rail head and will create about £12m additional business rates and 6000 new jobs.  There will however, be significant blight to residents in the area and SDDC will have to mitigate this for the residents.  For Bretby there could be increase aircraft noise. The Chairman asked for information about what infra structure upgrades will be installed.  The Dept of State and Highways England will make all the surveys and recommendations relating to changes in infrastructure.  The governance structure will come under the D2N2 LEP and there will be consultations for local residents. Flooding in Egginton is acknowledged to be of concern.  The Freeport status will bring significant tax breaks that could be used towards improving the infrastructure.

The appeal on affordable homes on Bretby Lane is still awaited.

The work taking place at 12 Bretby Lane is to be looked at by the Planning Enforcement Team. Cllr Toone reported that some demolition had taken place along with some development that does not appear to bear any resemblance to the original plans. Concerns were expressed about the impact on the telephone line by these works.  Cllr Haines encouraged people to report directly their concerns to the Enforcement Team as well as to Cllrs. The personnel situation in the Planning Dept was explained.
SDDC grass cutting schedule resumes this month.  No progress has been made about the request relating to the specific grass cutting on Watery Lane raised last year,  Cllr Chilton will follow this matter with DCC.
South Derbyshire will be part of a pilot scheme about the recycling of coffee pods.

8:23pm The Chairman thanked Cllr Chilton.  Cllrs Chilton, Haines, Churchill left the meeting.

A member of the public attending from Bretby Hall welcomed the co-operation about the issue of dog mess. The Clerk will continue to press SDDC for information as to when the bin will be installed.
During recent times there have been an increase in the use of the Hall carpark for people visiting the area for exercise and there has been an increase in anti social behaviour.  It was noted that the parish has previously been sheltered from anti social behaviour but is now exposed to it; some of the reported incidents are of concern. The feeling of the meeting was that this situation will continue and is likely to escalate post covid.
The Derbyshire Police Rural Crime publication has provided some guidance along with various contact numbers; this will be forwarded to the resident, however these matters including littering appear to be very low on the priority list for the police.

c) Parish Council Members declaring an interest other than Disclosable Pecuniary Interest wishing to make representation
No representations were made.

20/756   To confirm the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 25th January 2021
These were circulated, read, approved and signed as a correct record by Cllr Falder.

20/757 To determine which items if any, should be taken with the public excluded.
No items were deemed necessary to be taken with the public excluded.

20/758 To receive the Chairman’s Announcements
There were no further matters the Chairman reported.

20/759 To receive the Report of the Clerk
The Clerk’s report as previously circulated was accepted with no further comments. 

20/760 Governance
a)   Risk Register update
There are no recommended changes to the risk register.
RESOLVED to make no changes to the risk register.

b)  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
The Clerk reported that there is no further information, no actions were recommended and there were no incidents to report.

c) Communication Strategy
The matter was deferred.

d)  Arrangements for return to face to face meeting
The Clerk’s report contained information about the future holding of meetings when the legislation for holding remote council meetings expires on 6th May.  There is to be a return to face to face meetings however Cllrs were concerned that other regulations will remain in force, causing conflicts and have the consequence that the holding of face to face meetings will be unachievable.  Cllrs expressed concerns that it may still not be safe to return to face to face meeting, and that by resuming physical meetings it may prevent some Cllrs and residents from their right to attend a meeting.
RESOLVED to acknowledge the legal situation, however  this parish council will meet remotely on 11th May 2021 unless clear guidance is received to the contrary.

20/761 Drainage issues
No further matters were raised.

20/762 Correspondence

  1. DALC – Various circulars and information about Covid19 and 2021 census
  2. Derbyshire PCC –  A booklet to increase safety in rural areas has been launched in Derbyshire
  3. Cllr Chilton – DHART and A61 Technology Projects – stakeholder update
  4. Derbyshire Police Crime Commissioner Office – invite to meet remotely the PCC on 18th March 2021
  5. Cllr Chilton – information of the 20’s enough speed campaign
  6. Resident – seeking assistance regarding anti social behaviour at Mimi’s Wood
  7. Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 – Venue Hire requirements for publicly owned venues

All Cllrs have been circulated with the information prior to the meeting.

20/763 Finance

BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (Feb)£36.60
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (Feb)£44.39
BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (Jan)£36.60
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (Jan)£44.39
BACSStaffing – February£136.00
KrystalWebsite hosting£9.59
DCCOutstanding pension contributions£22.13
Accounts passed for payment
BACSMrs J Storer – use of home (Jan – March 21)£81.00
BACSMrs J Storer – expenses for 2020/2£19.44
BACSMrs J Storer – SLCC subscription£19.65
BACSStaffing – March£136.00
BACSHMRC – Staffing NI & PAYE (March)£36.60
BACSDCC – Pension contribution (March)£44.39
BACSSubscription for 2021/22£TBC and paid in April 2021
For approval

Money Received

Interest Feb£0.02
Interest March£0.03

Balance at bank 15.03.21

Deposit account£3,011.11
Current account£3,543.16

b)  Requests for funding via S137
No requests for funding have been received.

20/764 To consider Planning Applications

DMPA/2020/1212: Retrospective application to regularise an agricultural building at Shades Farm, Unnamed Road From Geary Lane To Town Farm, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RD (12/03/21)

DMPA/2020/1329: The erection of a lean-lift and the conversion of grass area to into new service yard at Etwall House, Bretby Business Park, Ashby Road East, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0YZ (12/03/21)
RESOLVED no objections

DMPA/2021/0294: The erection of a two-storey rear extension at 58 Bretby Lane, Bretby, Burton on Trent DE15 0QW (12/03/21)
RESOLVED no objections

DMPA/2021/0297: The erection of horse stables and associated hardstanding at Town Farm, Unnamed Road From Geary Lane To Town Farm, Bretby, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RD  (07/04/21)
RESOLVED no objections

DMPN/2021/0377: Prior Approval for change of use of agricultural buildings to dwelling houses (Class C3) and for building operations reasonably necessary for the conversion at The Sett, Bretby, Burton on Trent, DE15 0RB (07/04/21)
RESOLVED no objections

DMOT/2021/0126 – Approval of details required by conditions 3, 5, 6 and 9 attached to ref. DMPA/2020/0448 (the erection of a building to house a biomass plant) at Shades Farm, Unnamed Road From Geary Lane To Town Farm, Burton On Trent, DE15 0RD
RESOLVED no objections but the Clerk will query whether the discharge for the U4 exemption, answers points 5 and 7 on the discharge.

20/765 Consultations
No consultations have been received.

20/766 Items for information only
(a)        To receive reports from Meetings attended
Area Forum – 19th January 2021 – no report was received

(b)        Notification of Forthcoming meetings
            None known

(c)        Training Sessions – See DALC circulars which have been provided to all Cllrs
Training is being provided remotely via Zoom.  The Clerk attended the DALC “Accounting for parish councils at the year end” training session on 22nd February 2021.

(d)        A resident at Bretby Hall has expressed a desire to join the parish council.  There are no vacancies at present.
A resident who owns Mimi Woods spoke with the Clerk today and the notes of that conversation (as approved by the resident) had been circulated to all Cllrs prior to the meeting.  One suggestion from the resident was to install a bin at an access point to the wood and Cllrs noted that the resident regularly places a black bin for the depositing of dog waste and that the majority of people do not use it to place the waste but discard it irresponsibly.
Similar experiences were noted by other landowners and the dog waste issue has been noted on social media.
It was AGREED that Cllrs Toone and Betteridge-Sorby will meet with the resident to discuss the situation.

(e)        The Clerk was asked to make a request for a speed check/monitor to take place on Bretby Lane.  Examples were given of a particular resident who speeds around the immediate area and information will also be passed to the PCSO.

20/767 Date of next meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on TUESDAY 11th MAY 2021 at 7.30pm; this will be preceded by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be a remote meeting unless there are significant changes to regulations.
There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, wished everyone to be well and safe and closed the meeting at  9:29pm.